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reddish pink stains of filter tubing

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I just cleaned my canister filter tubing. The intake had some reddish-pink deposits (algae, mulm?) which I cleaned off. Despite a thorough scrubbing, there are still some pinkish stains on the inside of the tubing. The stains are translucent, so I think I have scrubbed away everything I can.

I've had dirty tubes before, but this is the first time I couldn't get them completely clean with a tube brush. Any ideas what this is?

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Hard to say what it might you have a photo?

You can try a bleach dip (make sure you rinse well and then use 2x the recommended dechlorinator to eliminate all traces of bleach) to see if it will help you get rid of the deposit.
Not a great shot, but it shows the stains. It doesn't bother me enough to take apart my system and bleach (yet). I'm just curious about what it is and surprised that vinyl could get stained in just a month of use.

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