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Reddish Nano Plants

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I'm in the process of aquascaping my betta's new 2.5 gallon bow front tank. It has either a 13 or 27 watt compact flourescent lightbulb in the hood. The temperature is a steady 78 degrees Farenheit and its still cycling so I haven't adjusted the pH yet.

The gravel is a mix of very small (less than one quarter inch in diameter) translucent red and pink pieces. I have two small roman coulmn decorations in there already and would enjoy continuing this theme.

So, I don't know if this is possible, but are there any nano plants with a reddish tint that are do-able in this setup? I thought about juvenille tiger lotus and red camboba, but these both grow extermely tall and require intermediate care. Incase I haven't mentioned this before, this is a low tech, no CO2 tank. Of course, if necessary to grow red plants, I could add some liquid fertilizers or root tabs.

Thanks in Advance,

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ROTALA WALLICHII might work for you, I just popped some in my 10 gal. It grows very fine soft needles and turns red on the tops. It looks easy to manage, take a look around the plant area, you might find something that will work well.
e tennelus micro can grow red but usually needs high light. itll grow either way though
IMHO low tech, no CO2 and nano Red plants doesn't go together. I mean plants can grow but the red coloration will not show.

Barclaya is a massive plant so I don't think would work well for a nano.

Rotala rotundifolia and/or a small crypt would probably work well for you.
red tiger lotus, keep cutting back the leaves that grow to the top to bonsai it. with a little iron you should keep it red.
Don't Tiger Lotuses get like really tall?

I like the idea of some small crypts but what are some specific names?

Thank you to everyone who has replied.

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'red,' 'bronze,' 'tropica,' and 'green gecko' are a few to check out.
Thanks. Know of any reliable online sellers?
Here in the Swap n Shop is where I get most of my plants.

I do like www.SweetAquatic's crypts, though, they've usually got a good selection.
Thanks I was thinking Swap n Shop to begin with just wanted to make sure...Anyone ever heard of Lobelia Cardinalis? Does this plant need CO2?
Lobelia cardinalis does not require CO2. Make sure you get the L. cardinalis 'small form,' the regular sized one gets pretty big for a tank this small.
Oh, while I'm at it, this isn't for this tank but anyways;

If I buy potted HC will it spread by itself so I won't have to worry about growth (emersed, submerged, etc.)? Does it require CO2?
it should have co2. and instead of waiting for it to spread itself you should seperate it into little "plugs" and space them out. it will fill in much faster that was... or so i've heard. i've never had any luck with it.
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