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Got some nice fully grown, mostly RED trimmings. Some of them are seldom sold on SNS.
This is a chance to grab them.

Paypal payment preferred.

Package #1SOLD

2x Ludwigia sp Rubin (regularly sold at $2.50-$3 a stem).
2x Ludwigia sp Red (Usually sells at $2.50/ stem)
2x Myrio Tuberculatum 'RED' (not often sold at SnS)
2x Cabomba Furcuata(not often sold at SnS)
4x Rotala Colorata
4x Ludwigia Arcuata
3x Ludwigia Lacustris
4x Rotala Rotundifolia
4x Myrio Mattogrosense
2x Rotala Najenshan
2x Acmella Repens


Package #2

First to pay gets the package.

2x Ludwigia sp Red
5x Ludwigia Arcuata
2x Myrio Tuberculatum 'RED'
1x Cabomba Furcuata
x Ludwigia Lacustris
4x Rotala sp 'H "ra"
3x Ambulia
5x Myrio Mattogrosense
2x Neasea Triflora
2x Acmella Repens
2x Ludwigia sp Green

$18. Add $7 priority Shipping.

Payment Pending.12-09-12

Plants will come from this tank.
Shown on photo:

Ludwigia Red, Myrio 'RED' & Ludwigia Lacustris

Cabomba Furcuata
(Internet Photo)


Osmocote Plus Rootabs

50 pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $8 Shipped. 2 packs available.
90pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $12 Shipped. 1 pack available

The tank above were grown by Osmocote Plus.

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