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Red stuff on plants.

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I don't think this is red hair algae. Its red and kinda like green spot algae. I don't have a lot of plants in the tank, I'm waiting on shipments. What is this? Is this the problem? Will it be a problem when I put the rest of the plants in? How do you get rid of it if need be (saying if time or critters won't take care of it)? I don't like to use chemicals.
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if it looks like gsa but is red looking, its probly diatoms.

is it on the decor, walls, and plants?
Its on the plants. None on walls or filter.
It is a new aquarium with eco-complete. Its been running for about week and a half. I have 65 daylight bulb under a 29. I'm also getting a lot of bubbles that stay on the surface, which I never had happen . PH-7.4, NH-1. Thats all I know on my parameters.
Is this diatoms? Its seems to be spreading quickly. What should I do about this? I am getting shrimp in 2 weeks and I believe they will eat the diatoms. But I am worried about the plants until then. I've also got some more plants coming for the tank.
It certainly looks like diatoms, does it rub off easily? I always get a nice diatom bloom when starting a tank. A few otos always clear it up though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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