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Red Sea Nano Filter Question

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I just got a Red Sea Nano filter and was wondering if it is normal for the water to flow out if I adjust it so there is to much flow. Also right by the intake tube water pushes underneath the tube and leaks out. It just goes back into the tank but it's driving me crazy. Any suggestions?
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Mine started doing that too, but I figured as long as water was still flowing through the media side I was ok with it.

It looks like it was designed as a method to prevent overflow in case the media side was plugged up, but it allows water to flow through anytime you open it up to full flow.
I had one and I'm not too happy with it. When working at 100%, the waterflow is adequate...but the minute anything gets even slightly clogged, the flow isn't enough to move the surface of my water.

Probably what frustrates me the most though is that the design of the unit allows water to circumvent a strong majority of the filter medium...essentially turning the 'filter' into a weak fan.
The trick to these $11 filters is to clean them VERY frequently, and replace the filter pads about once every 2 weeks. In the long haul, it's more cost efficient to get a better, bigger filter. But since it's an attractive filter, and it's small, I am okay with constant maintenance. I actually don't even clean mine but once every month or so, and the worst that happens is it just reduces the flow. I did have one in the past that always clogged up and water just poured out from under the intake tube, basically circumventing the filtration, and that one went in the trash. I could never figure out why that happened. It even did that when it was cleaned and using new filter pads.

At $11 each, I wouldn't mind buying a new one every couple of months, frankly. I like these things!
I've been stuffing polishing material in mine only. Works great. I have 2, mini-s and on a 2.5g.

It does flow out of the intake side when the filter is overdone. I'd much rather have it do that than flow out all over my room!
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