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Red sea fish pharm flora base any one use it?

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Hi there
Any one use Red sea fish pharm flora base in there tanks and is it any good?I want to use it as my substrate as I can get it for free from the manufactures.Any opinion would help me.
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I used that many years ago, and still have it in one tank.
It sure holds up! Still the same little pellets. (I do not stir it around much, and when I redo the tank I do not scoop it out, but just vacuum it)

It does remove the KH from the water, and this allows the pH to drop.

Since the product I used is many years old, I do not know if the current product is the same. If you can get it for free, and a soft water tank is right for you, go for it! I sure would!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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