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Red sagittaria? Plant ID help needed

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I picked up a plant that looks a lot like dwarf sagittaria - similar size and it puts out runners with new plantlets. Only thing is it has red markings on it and some leaves are mostly red. Any thoughts? I'm guessing it's a different Sagittaria species.

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It could possibly be a young vallisneria tiger
Interesting. The leaves look similar but this has been putting out lots of runners while its only about three inches tall. Seems too short for Valisneria. I'm not ruling it out though.

Any other thoughts?
I'm thinking young tiger val as well

I'm noticing that tiger val likes to stay smaller than regular val
Hmmm... interesting. Is tiger val a common plant? Haven't seen one before and can't seem to find many images or information online.
It's actually more common than you think:)
It's one of those common plants that aren't really posted like Ludwigia palustris for example.
I've had vals that randomly decide to be short in one tank (even with decent lighting), and 2' tall in another
Good to know. I will have to see if it gets tall in my tank. I kind of like it as a foreground plant.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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