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My LFS has 3 "Red Line Lizard Tetra" in stock. I think these are Iguanodectes geisleri because they do have a prominent black stripe.

I was thinking of getting them for my 20 gallon long. The 20 gallon long currently has 7 X-ray tetras and 7 Cardinal tetras in it. I recently upgraded to the 20 gallon from a 10 gallon because I wanted to move my Cardinal tetras out of my other 20 gallon because the Apistos in that tank recently bred. I mention this because although the filter is well-cycled and some of the substrate came from the old 10 gallon, the tank is probably kind of delicate right now. For example, I have a bunch of new crypt plantings that could melt at a moments notice. The filtration is also kinda light. I used the Danner Ovation 380 internal filter I had on the 10 gallon for this tank. That filter is rated to 100 gph which is technically enough, but still kinda light (e.g. aqadvisor suggest reducing manufacturing turnover to 65%).

The Red Line Lizard Tetras are pretty long (they seem longer than the 5-5.5 cm often quoted for them), but they are very thin. They also aren't really active, at least to my eye. It seems like they more or less just stay suspended in one place, occasionally interacting with eachother. This could change once they leave the dealers tank though.

Has anyone on here kept these guys? Do you think it would be a good idea for me to get them?
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