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Red Irian Rainbow Fish?

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We've got a 125 gallon aquarium with about 12-13 Bosmoni (sp) rainbow fish, a school of x-ray tetras etc, cories and otos.

I was thinking about adding a some Red Irian rainbow fish.

Should they be compatible?

Will the red rainbows school with the bosmonis?

Are these easy to keep?

I want pairs- are the females easy to find as the males?

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Haven't seen any first-hand responses, so I'll jump in. I haven't personally kept these, but my best friend did. Hers were very peaceful, schooled well together (my guess is that they will school with the bosmonis, but I don't know that for fact), and were really quite pretty in the tank. In her case, she got them at one of our LFSs, and they easily had enough of both sexes for her to get the mix she wanted.
The ones I had were very boisterous. Maybe cause they were all males.. I dunno

Females are easy to spot. They are silver and more "torpedo" shaped. Like no head bump.

None of my Rainbows ever schooled except for the Kamakas and the female Boesemani group
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