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Red Gills/Mouths Treatment?? Treat my inverts too?

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My fish have been dying off for about 2 weeks now. I've been dosing Melafix & Pimafix to try and attack any issues that may be occurring in the tank right now.

The whitish fungal spots have cleared up, as has most of the growth on my female german blue ram's eye.

However there are still a number of fish that are exhibiting red gills and red mouths in the tank. I believe this is some sort of bacterial issue, am I correct?

I am planning on taking all of my fish and putting them into a QT tank to treat them while I address a separate issue with my plants and CO2 levels.

What can I dose to treat the red gills/mouths on my fish? Is it safe to dose the fish that are not exhibiting symptoms? What if I stop treating the "not" sick fish only to have them develop symptoms?

Also, should I remove my snails and shrimp from the tank while dealing with my plant issue? Will they be affected by whatever bacterial treatment I give my fish? The snails/shrimp are fine with the melafix and pimafix. If I don't treat the snails/shrimp can they harbor whatever disease that's killing my fish and then give it back to them when everyone gets back in the same tank??
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As I understand it, Melafix and Pimafix are natural antibacterial/antifungals that aren't really all that strong. I think that your inverts will be fine (but don't hold me to that), but I am not sure if it is strong enough to cure whatever it is you have in the tank.
I've been using Pima and Mela fix for the past week. Fish are getting a little better, but still some of them have the red mouths. The inverts are fine with those meds too.

What can I dose that's stronger??? I was thinking Maracyn - will that be good?
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