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I'm using red Floramax right now. I like it in my low tech set ups. It's really dirty like Flourite. I had to clean 8 bags for my 75 gallon and 3 bags for my 30. It took a long time to clean. Just rinse and rinse and rinse until the water isn't as dirty. My tanks cleared up within a couple day. Best advice I could give is go to home depot and get a pack of 5 gallon paint strainers they cost $4. Then spray it with a hose until it runs clear or in a laundry tub. When you think your done rinsing rinse some more.

Floramax red is different then black. Red is more like hardened clay. I went with Floramax because it's more friendly for bottom dwelling fish. Floramax black and eco complete are like sharp granules.

My plants are doing really well. I've only been using for 2 weeks but my swords crypts and tiger lotus and doing great.

I really like the look of this substrate it make the color of the green plants stand out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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