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So I picked up this bad boy yesterday for $75 including tank, freshly varnished stand, and lots of equipment. It's a 1990 Oceania (sp?).

Most of the equipment is pretty dated, so I'll be updating with a new filter/lighting/etc. I was promised the seals didn't leak, but after a cursory investigation I decided I didn't trust them. At all. So I ripped out the seals and am preparing to reseal on Friday. The plan is to spruce it up and turn it into an American Southwest palludarium. The inspiration for the build is my love for Red Dead Redemption (I and II), and I'm using this image as a conceptual guide. For the red silt I've got some pulverized red volcano rock dust.

The wooden stand and frame, and the hex shape make it an interesting piece of furniture. It looks kind of Victorian and is begging for a concept build. I want to layer a gravel/red fluorite mix on top of a layer of pool filter sand (still undecided how I want to do it) and build up a palludarium using maple leaf stone. Here's some swatches of the material I'm planning on using. Of course all of this is contingent on the reseal being successful.

I don't have the stones yet but those are examples of what I'm looking for.

Here's the tank with the seals ripped and taped up for resealing. Silicone comes in on Friday (I don't trust the stuff at HD so I bought the ASI Aquarium Sealant online) and I've got some other things coming in as well. If the reseal goes well, I'll start on building next weekend. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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