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Red Cherry Shrimp

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I was online and found Singapore Flower Shrimp. It looks a LOT like some of the RCS shrimp I have in my tank. I had bought my RCS from 3 different sellers...any ideas?
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Bamboo Shrimp don't really look like RCS O___O! What pic were you looking at? Maybe they labeled it wrong!

They are much bigger like 3x bigger, have a stripe on their back, can be red or brown, can have white spots or markings, have four fan hands, and eat microorganisms or small particle foods via a strong current!
Ohh well, that is definitely a Bamboo Shrimp. I guess it could look like an female RCS by the stripe and the redness... but that's where all similarities end.

Bamboo Shrimp have four fan which they use to feed on. They sit in front of a strong current with their fan hands open and outstretched hoping to catch some yummy foods to eat such as microorganisms and spirulina powder. They are much bigger too at least 3x as big as RCS. They are low form shrimp, and also tend to be caught from the wild.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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