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Red Cherry Mamas!

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Yes, I know, there have been at least a hundred ( thousand? )threads with Cherry shrimp mama pics, but I have no where else to share my excitement (that wouldn't laugh at me anyway) at finally having berried cherries!

I received these from Sunmiztress here on PT, they are so dark red, and so healthy, I just love them! There are 4 females currently carrying eggs, and one who is saddled, so hopefully soon!

Is it just me, or are they a little more shy when they start to carry the eggs? My girls have kept to the tight mossy areas, and up on the heater, almost like they were a little more timid now. They are all over the place when light first come on, but them they tend to hang out in the more secretive places and eat for most of the day. Anyone else have the same issues?
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Just kidding. I'm very happy for you.

Yes the pregnant females are much more shy and hide out. I also notice this in every single pregnant invertebrate I've encountered (Wild bee shrimp, RCS, Dwarf Crayfish.) So I think most pregnant shrimp/crayfish tend to hide out.

And it's not really an issue at all.
:icon_wink My other hobby is art related, so they don't understand the joy of shrimp eggs so much, lol!

Glad to know that the shyness is OK. I was worried at first that they were not feeling well, but then I figured they were just keeping themselves and their precious cargo safe!
Congrad! Let the population explosion begin! :) LOL
Congrats! Yes, it is exciting to finally see the RCS with eggs.
But later on you'll see an RCS with eggs and get the desire to see what it tastes like... Just kidding. But I've wondered many different things when I found out Neocaridina are edible. I think it was on wikipedia so I don't know if its true, but they smelled like shrimp.

And in Japan there are these shrimp you eat called "Sakura Ebi" which means "Cherry blossom shrimp" so I was like... hmmmmmmm :-D.
I noticed that my RCS are more shy the closer they are to hatching time. So when they are close to hatching the eggs, you will see them hanging upside down in java moss or other plants.
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