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Red, brownish tip Elodea...

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My Elodea develop some brown, redish tips.
My guess is:
1— low phosphates
2— low nitrates
3— low iron/traces cause by to muc magnesium

kh=20 mg/l
gh=180 mg/l (to high)
Ca=40 mg/l
Mg= 19.5 mg/l (to high)
NO3= 3 mg/l
Po4= .25 mg/l
K= (dosed regulary)
Fe= .4 mg/l (uptake is maybe compromised by high magnesium)

This is happen to your Elodea???
How you fix it??

PS: I think a permanent thread should be post to present Plants that are sensible to lack or surplus of nutrient. That can be a great tool for the hobby...
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I Glouglou...

After dosing more Phosphate and alittle bit more Iron (some discoloration mix with the purplish, brown tips) They seem to come back, disparition of the brown stuff, tips seem more healthy...
I'd love to know the foolproof way to get bronze tips on usually all green blyxa japonica.
I'm also puzzled by Hemigraphis Traian that go purple underneath, while the tops stay green.
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