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Red Belly Piranha

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Is it true that now you need a permit to keep RBP?
Also LFS now need a selling permit if they want to sell RBP.
They also have to make the seller sign paper.

I ask why they don't carry RBP and that's what the guy told me.
This goes to all legal states.
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If anything, this would likely be a state issue. I find it hard to believe that the national government would impose such restrictions. I think that guy is wrong.
Certainly not like they are going to survive in a lake in New England!!
Not true or the case in Colorado. But thats not true for every state as I know Nevada has banned them unless you have a special permit.
Every state has different rules, you probably need to check with your state's Fish and Wildlife department.
yup, like everybody else says
as far as i know not true in indiana!
Its a State issue. In Arkansas its Illegal, however in TN it isnt.
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