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red area around celebes rainbowfish mouth?

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I have had a group of 6 celebes for about two weeks. I have been doing a lot of new planting and the tank has stirred up quite a bit. So I have done about 3 water changes this week.

One of the celebes has a red/pink area around his mouth. His gills may be a bit brighter red interior than normal. It is hard to tell since they are always somewhat red inside the gill flap. He hangs out in front of the filter wash and seems to be gasping more than usual. They always gasp. but his seems deeper, I think.

Ph 7.6
ammonia .025-.05
nitrite <.1

75g highly planted tank. Have done some searching and it could be bacterial, or an ammonia burn. Ammonia was a little high yesterday but I got it down.

Any ideas as to what it is or the cure? Pics:

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I can't help you if it's sick, but I wanted to tell you that I also have celebes rainbows (9) and my two largest males (who are always posturing at each other) have a similar color under their mouths - like the chins (if fish have chins) are a fleshy pink/peach color. It matches the color found on other parts of them, like near the gill flaps. I think it's a normal coloring on my males - I've had them for over a year without problems. My water parameters are always good, and my fish are never gasping (whereas you say yours always gasp somewhat) so I don't know...hopefully it's nothing other than dominant male color? Although that color is limited to under the mouth on mine, not the sides or upper areas of the face. I hope others chime in with more knowledge...
red area

it seems to be somewhat more than just underneath his chin. lips and side have it somewhat. They do the gasp thing with there mouth but not in a bad way I see fish do this. His is faster and more pronounced. I fed fish and he had no interest in food, celebes are hardy eaters, but not a bite from him. He is mostly at very top of water in front of filter. I was also hoping this could be normal color since he is the biggest male. Don't think so though.
I'm sorry to hear that - you're right, they are usually very hardy eaters...I hope it all turns out ok.
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