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I have a new variation of Dragon Stone. Really cool morph and red coloration. As well as the classic Dragon Stone. Message me
for shipping and billing info. All payments are made through paypal and can ship internationally.

Large Package of Red or Classic Dragon Stone

20lb package shipped priority in a large flat rate USPS box. The rock is
$2.25 a pound so 20lbs is $45.00. I usually put more than that in a
box because I really don't mind. Shipping with fees is $25.00.

So one large 20lb box is $70.00 Total

comes with 2 large rocks 8-10"x8-10", a few medium
5-7"x5-7", several small 3-4"x3-4"
and some rubble. The rock is relatively light so one box yields a
good amount and I am able to consistently get these sizes into a
large flat rate because of general rock size and shape.

The rock is lighter than granite or limestone, but some pieces are heavier. Overall
not quite as light as lace rock. It can easily be broken with a sledge hammer.

Medium Package of Dragon Stone

I also have a one medium 10lb package shipped in a medium flat rate box for $37.50 total.
The rocks would be medium and small. This would be better
suited for small tanks, 5-20 gallon.

Payments are made via PayPal,
I can get the rocks out whenever you are ready!

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