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Hi All,
I have added the recommended amount of SEA CHEM iron to my 200ltr tank(5ml) daily and I still can't get the full red colour throughout
only at the tops. I have weak semi-green and semi-red leaves only. Setup is as follows;

- 5mls Sea Chem daily
- 8mls Sea Chem Potassium every two days
- 4mls Sea Chem Flourish twice a week

Water conditions are;

PH - 6.8
Temp - 28 Degrees
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 15~20ppm

Substrate is Eco Complete and gravel mix 6cm deep.

I used to dose it with iron and potassium twice a week for a month, but in the last week I increased it. Oh... sorry I didn't mention it I have;

- DIY Co2 which maintains 20~25ppm of Co2
- my lighting is more than sufficient with 4 - 39W (3ft)T5 Anodized Aluminum Reflectors and 4 - T5HO Gro-lux globes T5 HO ballasts.

Many Kindly Fishy Regards
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts says that low nitrates are what bring out the red/pink
be carefull... you dont want to overdose iron
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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