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Red Albino Sailfin Swordtail

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Guys, I have recently purchase these sailfish swordtail. Couples of female and a male just like the one in the picture.

However his cauli like dorsal is really long and it is dropping onto the side of his body. He still swims around but definitely seems clumsy. Have also tried to slow down the output of my Fluval C3 filter.

Could I trim off his dorsal? I heard that people who breed em used to trim off the dorsal for them to be able to chase the females.
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No, Do not trim off dorsal.
Is nice looking hi-fin red velvet swordtail that thrive in hard ,cool,alkaline pH 7.5 to 8.2 water and enjoy water movement.
Ammonia and nitrites must be ZERO and nitrAtes under 40ppm
P.S. swordtail's can move forwards or backwards faster than you can blink when the want/need to.
Yeah I love how they can dart, especially when two males are squabbling.
It is a real good display.
The red ones are particularly mean sometimes.

You could cut the fins, but it is probably painful and could be a vector for infection.
Are you selling sail-fin red albino swordtails? I can be reached at [email protected]
If your fish is struggling against the filter, you can add a mesh baffle to moderate the flow. This creates a riparium planter, and is a fantastic way to grow some plants and moss, which add to the filtering capacity in a way. You can still have a strong filter, but your fish won't struggle against the current.

Baffle design (stolen from AquaAurora )

Filter baffle planter

Next to another riparium planter

A few weeks/months later...

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Most fish we alter to have long fins have swimming issues..
Think of the fancy guppy ?
I know someone with those hi fins/cauliflower fins and they are supposed to never stop growing.. They are great looking swordtails.
Although some cut fins I would not.
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