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Recommended moss to use for aquarium bonsai?

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Hi guys! This is my first post on here, so sorry if I'm not in the right spot for this question.

I'm looking to make an aquarium bonsai for my 10g betta tank. Problem is, I have no idea what moss to use for the "leaves". I know I don't want java moss, but aside from that, I've been bouncing all over the place. I've considered fissidens fontanus, Christmas and mini Christmas moss, peacock moss, mini Taiwan moss, and a few others. I really like fissidens fontanus, but I keep my betta tank at 79-80 degrees, and I feel like that's a little too warm for it. My tank is low tech, so I'm looking for a moss that would work okay in that kind of environment, along with one that isn't too difficult to take care of/keep alive.

Does anybody know how well fissidens fontanus would grow in the warmer waters my betta needs? Or do you have any other mosses you'd recommend for a natural-looking aquarium bonsai?

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Drop the temp down to about 75-77 and the fissidens should do fine. I'm basing this on the fact that I have 2 tanks: 1) a low tech low/med light at 77 degrees 2) a high tech med/high light at 82 degrees. The fissidens is growing quite well in the low tech tank and is just sort of sitting there in the high tech tank. I knew that my high tech tank was too warm for fissidens but as an experiment I wanted to see if the extra light and CO2 would allow it to do ok. So far, it's not dying but it's also not "fanning out" like it should be.

So yeah, drop your temp a few degrees and you should be set. Your betta won't mind. :)

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