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Recommended Canister Filter for Peat Tank?

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Hey there!

OK so my Marineland Magnum 350 BIO- Pro is getting clogged up from the peat moss in my tank! It even gets clogged (inside of the filter) when I have a sponge filter over the intake.

My tank is a 75 gallon, well planted, a bit of peat but does not cover all of the gravel, and I was hoping to hear others suggestions on which canister filter that would be best for my needs. I do have a tetra pond UV sterilizer that I would like to be able to attach to the canister, but the canister HAS to have a STRONG pump.

Any ideas or recommendations on a good canister?

Thanks! :fish:
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Is the peat moss just to lower the pH of the tank? If so, maybe you can place the peat moss in a media bag and place it in the filter, so as not to clog it.

As far as a canister filter, maybe look at an XP3 or Eheim Pro II 2028/2128. If you don't want to place the peat moss in the canister, just place a sponge over the intake.
If you put the intake of the canister towards the top of the tank it would probably help.

Peat moss is so light that it will probably get picked up into any canister intake you put near the substrate.
The peat it for my amazon fish and has essential minerals and acids that help plants. Great benefits I have read to peat moss, and my plants do wonderfully even without CO2.

We tried to bag it in the filter before placing it in the tank, there wasn't enough *oomph* in the filter to get the water through the bag no matter how little we put in there. Basically the water couldn't be pumped hard enough to go through the UV as well.

How is the Eheim Pro II set up? If I place a sponge filter over the intake it isn't going to imped the out take to where it wont flow through the UV very well?

Thanks a bunch!
I have a 75 gallon planted thank that I have run peat on.

I have a Fluval 404 and I put it in a fine mesh bag below some very fine filter floss that I keep in the top basket.

The 404 and 405 (the current model) have enough power to do this because they are meant for a slightly bigger tank (100 gal.).

Any time you run a UV sterilizer or CO2 diffuser it is best to put it in-line AFTER the filter so it gets to have clean water run through it - instead of dirty water on the incoming line. It will last longer and run better that way.

If you'd like to see my tank it's in the logo of

Have Fun!
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