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I'm redoing my Fluval 5 gallon tank, it was originally set up for dwarf shrimp with driftwood, marimo moss balls, bronze crypt, some other various plants, and cholla cactus.
I am finally beginning to admit that dwarf shrimp do not like turning it more into an aquatic garden that has a miniature army of amano shrimp to keep it clean (amano shrimp loooove me) and maybe a few other invertibrates to make it interesting.

Right now I have a sand substrate, one piece of malaysian driftwood, one cholla cactus piece, the standard Fluval 5 light, and an extra LED lighting clipped onto the fluval light that is super bright.
Right now it's stocked with a Madagascar Lace Fern that hasn't read any of the articles talking about how difficult they are to keep. It bloomed a week after I put it in. I also have several marimo moss balls, a tall grass-like plant and a corkscrew grass-like bunch plant, both of which I bought at fish swaps and forgot the name of. I have some sort of miniature sword plant that I don't know if I'm going to keep in this tank. Took the crypt out because I got sick of how it always pokes its roots out of the surface of the substrate and makes everything look messy.

What plants do you have in your nano tanks in moderate lighting that do really awesome? Looking for some new ideas for some different plants that I have never tried before. My aquascape plan is to have some tall-er plants clustered around the driftwood, and have the sand slope down to a flat plane with some planted lattices of shorter mossy plants on the sand.

Don't mind the shed shrimp shells in the picture :) Newest batch of amanos are adjusting to their new home
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