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Recommendation for raising GH and KH

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My RCS and CRS have been slowly dying at rates of one every two days... I have seen molts, but not many.

The tank is cycled, nitrates and nitrites are both perfect. The tank is heavily planted and co2 is diffused at a very slow rate of 1 bubble every 10 seconds or so.... PH is low around 6.2 to 6.4.
Tank temp is set at 74 to 75f.
I just tested my GH and KH from the tap, and found it to be GH of 2 and KH of 2. I supplement my water changes with prime at the recommended dosage) and equilibrium.

The GH and KH in tank is, GH of 4 and KH of 0 may be 1 (hard to tell with the api kit).

Question, is the low GH and KH related to the little to no molting I see? And more importantly, is this was is killing my shrimp?

Should I add more equilibrium to raise the GH more? What about the KH? What product is best?

Please help! Thanks...

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You want a KH of 0-1 with crystal shrimp, and if you have the correct substrate, the substrate should be consuming the KH in the water and buffering the pH to the required amount for crystals.

That said, using tap water with KH in it can burn out your substrate a lot faster than using remineralized RO.

My recommendation is to buy RO water or an RO unit (as cheap as $65 on Amazon). RO water should be 28-50 cents a gallon, depending on where you purchase it.

Then get a product like SL Aqua Blue Wizard, Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp GH+, Lowkeys GH Mineral Balance, etc. You have a choice between liquid or powder remineralizers, but be sure to choose a GH only product. Add the mineralizer to RO until you get about a 6 GH, then use this water as your water changes. Doing it this way will slowly increase the GH and allow the shrimp to survive better.

If you get a product that contains a KH booster as well, then it will be a waste as your substrate would consume the KH and exhaust it, thus would lower it's buffering capacities quicker than using a GH only product.
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