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Recommendation for a good solenoid and bubble counter

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Hi all,

After much waiting, I have finally decided to go hi-tech. I am putting together the gear myself!

I recently got a second hand CONCOA Multistage CO2 Regulator and a Hoke needle valve.

I am looking for recommendations for a good solenoid and a bubble counter, that wont break the bank.

May be someone can PM me a link, if its allowed? I appreciate all the recommendations and suggestions.


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Very deep subject as there are tons of ways to set it up and we often have different ideas of what works best. So my personal favorites and let others throw in what they like?
I go for what a design has to offer rather than what is the commonly used item so I find the best solenoid is the Clippard Mouse series that has models that start with ET, EV, or EC. But the biggest problem is figuring out exactly which model is right as being one letter or number off can blow the whole deal. Instead of a sliding pellet of metal which tends to stick when it gets hot, the Clippard uses what they call a "spider" . Looks like a reed valve to me if you've done any small motor work?
This is one spot to buy the solenoid and a manifold to mount it on so use 1/8" pipe fittings and it does make it easy but I tend to go cheap and shop the auction and get them in the $8-15 dollar range but without the manifold. Et-2-12 is my favorite but do be warned it takes a bit of study to sort out the correct model number. A search for Clippard will turn up the full catalog but use care in shopping.
I like to use the simple cheap Fluval plastic one for about $8 as I like my parts inline and off the reg. The fewer items on that big old , heavy tank, the fewer things I break!!
I would hang around and drag out more info but I'm about to run out of the house for several weeks and out of touch!
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