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Recommenations for a great 20gallon Filter

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Hi Everyone! I am brand new to the forums and have definitely enjoyed my time here so far, I've learned quite a bit already :)

I am new to the world of aquaculture, but am trying to learn as quickly as possible. I currently have a 10gallon tank, but will soon be upgrading in July to an Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20 Gallon Aquarium, which I'm very excited about! I realize this setup comes with a filter, but I've seen a few YouTube videos, as well as posts here and there saying the stock filter is not that great, so I figured I should research and try to figure out what would be best, and would love to hear your recommendations.

I currently have 1 dwarf gourami, 2 raspbora, 2 glow-light tetra, and 2 neon tetra. I will also be adding 2 gold neon dwarf gobies, 1 Kuhli loach, and some neocaridina shrimp. My current tank is plant filtered, and also has live plants in the tank. I also just received a new Finnex Plant+ 20" light today in the mail that I'm using on the 10 gallon, and will later use for the 20gallon :)

I apologize if this is a redundant post insofar as requesting filter recommendations, but any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
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I have an eheim 2215 canister filter on my 20 gallon long. Probably one of the best filters I've ever had and many others would agree.
You can't beat an eheim.They are made in Germany,which was the birthplace of our hobby,and German perfectionism,etc.
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