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I own 2 Eheim 2080s that I have had a couple of months shy of 4yrs. Both have performed flawlessly until recently.

Anyway, one of them started making a strong vibration/humming sound about a month ago. I cleaned out the area that the impeller was located, cleaned the impeller very well, and cleaned up the shaft. Nothing changed.

As most people would I suspected the impeller being faulty and I priced the impeller for this model, and the cheapest I found it was $70 and a new shaft and bushings was $21. Since it was so expensive I decided to order the new shaft and bushings first and see if that corrected the issue and if it did I didn't unnecessarily spend the $70 on a new impeller.

To my surprise when I replaced the shaft and new bushings the problem went away. What it looked like was that the rubber bushings had shrunk in size slightly. This would make for more wobbilization in the shaft causing cavitation. That part is just a guess.

Just thought I would post about it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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