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Hi all, I've gotten some new plants and have more on the way for a new tank. Currently I've just unboxed the ones I have and they're sitting in a bucket of water. I guess I'll drop new plants in there till everything arrives.

But then I figure I should prep the plants and then do some kind of dip before using them, but there's lots of different recommendations for dips here.

I'm getting crypts, anubias, buces, fern, fissidens, and some moss.

Is H2O2 good for these? Or H2O2 + glut? I think I ordered potassium permangenate sometime ago, so I might have a container of that somewhere (it was dry powder or crystals, not in solution). Alum? What ratios and how long?

Thanks in advance.

Now, to derail my own thread, the crypt parva are far bigger than I was expecting. Anyone know if the immersed form is smaller?
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