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Reasons for aerial roots forming above substrate

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I didn't want to hijack another thread so I am starting this one. I would like to hear other comments about this. This was in refference to a poster that mentioned that above substrate roots were unsightly and wondered why it was happening.

Sounds to me like your plants are already strugging for nutrients, that's why they're sending out roots like that.
This is very interesting. I have never read this before but it sure seems to make sense. When I first started my tanks I had Ludwigia reopens that I actually stopped growing because the above substrate roots were so displeasing. I wasn't doing a good job of dosing at that time. Do you know a source that I can read more about this?
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midway roots occur for me only for 2 reasons:
1. the plants was unhealthy, had stalled growth, or lost its growth tip, and is making side-shoots. at the base of those sideshoots are roots, because the stem serves only to bring nutrients from the roots to the leaves, and hold the leaves up. i think the plant is trying to cut out the middle man which it must still feed. when this happens i cut off the crown of growing tips when the reach an adequet size (this usually causes a crown of multiple sideshoots, not just 1 or 2), and replant them instead of the old stem.

2. the plant goes horizontal. whenever a plant starts to grow horizontal (usually at the surface, but not always), it grows roots down from the horizontal part. but if the plant is a carpet or midground bush, then we want it to do so (like HM or glosso), if its background, you should keep it trimmed shorter then the surface anyway.
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