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Hi everyone, I checked the other noob posts and they were a lot more advanced than me. I am a total noob. I was referred to this site by an aquarium enthusiast and was immediately floored by the amount of info!

I have a small goldfish--he's not even really a goldfish, he is what they called a "feeder fish"--that my fiancee won in Coney Island. We have grown quite attached to him and he is named Turbo. Here he is.

I have a simple 1.5 gallon freshwater tank with some fake plants that takes basic BioBag carbon-fiber filters. I am home a lot and have the capacity to spend a lot of time on this but I need to start slow as I am also a bit error-prone. My friend has suggested the following:

hornwort: it's a floating plant, pretty, grows very easily and can take over your tank.
java moss: needs to be attached to hardscape (rock or driftwood). good for baby animals to hide in.
anubias: also needs to be attached to hardscape, has very nice rounder leaves.
java fern: also needs to be attached to harscape. looks fernlike, longer thinner leaves.
cryptocryne: grows slowly and may take some time to adapt, then looks lovely. thin leaves.
amazon swords: grow taller and more quickly than others. pretty green foliage, good background plant.

I'm not sure where to start. I don't even know if a 1.5 gallon tank is able to accommodate live plants. And I know I have to worry about the lighting and the water. Can anyone help?Thanks!


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Welcome to PT.
Take your time, we have plenty of info and folks that will lend you a hand,
this can be addicting so be warned. :)

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NP, we're all here to help you, this hobby contains a lot of info so a few months or even years down the road, you'll still be reviewing back a lot because there's so much info.

Anyhow, the plants that he listed are nice because they are easy to take care of and dont require much light at all. If you can see the light in your tank, it should be good enough for them.

Avoid positioning your tank near the window, especially in direct sunlight due to algae issues that might arise from it and tank overheating.

For your fish, java fern and maybe hornworts are cool, hornworts absorb a lot of nitrate from the water so that's pretty good. If you ever need any message me, I got a bunch in my shrimp tank. Java ferns grow relatively slow while the hornworts grow incredibly fast. Anubias are also great and grow the same speed as java ferns.

Your feeder fish is a goldfish and 1.5 gallon will not be enough. I had two feeder goldfish a long while back that grew to be about a little less than a foot long and they had a hard time moving even in my 40 gallon. If you feed them enough and you keep the temperature to around 70-78F, they will grow pretty fast.

You'll need a heater if your house tends to fall below 70F, but they can survive lower temperatures, just not too low.

They are very hardy fish, keep the tank clean with a good hob filter and it should thrive no problem. Avoid giving them live freshwater foods like bloodworms.

When adding new water, use a dechlorinator like PRIME in the recommended dosage on the bottle. Make sure the water you're using is similar temperature to the tanks water just incase.

If you come up with any problems later on, post a message in the fish section of the forum and we'll come and help.

Equipments/Items you might consider:
1. Fish food like fish flakes, frozen foods, brine shrimps.
2. Air pump especially if the temperature gets warm. You probably wont need it but if he starts gasping for air, get an air pump with airlines and air diffuser.
3. A filter like an HOB would be sufficient.
4. Dechlorinator like Prime. A small bottle is good enough.
5. Larger tank, if you raise it well, it will grow pretty big. Mines did.
6. Heater if you need. They can survive well at around 65-70F okay. Maybe even 60F. I highly recommend a hydor theo.
7. A turkey baster to push up gunk every once or twice a week.

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Welcome to TPT!

I would definitely recommend getting a larger aquarium, perhaps a 10 or 20 gallon. This would give you enough room to house a fair number of plants. You can buy a cheap 10 gallon at petsmart for like 10 bucks i believe, and you can get a nice 20 gallon for about $30.

Good luck, let us know if you have any other questions and someone would be glad to answer them asap. :)

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Welcome to TPT; we're glad you found us! :)

Looks like you've got a Comet golfish- and it will outgrow a 1.5 gal VERY quickly; I'd recommend getting him a few buddies and getting a 55gal+ tank for them.

It is possible to have a planted goldfish tank- but goldfish are known to munch on many species of plants. Sometimes it even boils down to "individual personality" which fish will and won't munch on which species of plants... but the plants you listed are good ones to try.

You can definitely have a nice planted 1.5gal tank though- check out the Nano Tank forum here. :thumbsup:
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