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It is with immense satisfaction that I give to you to know the REALidade... I think that one was projecto sufficiently ambitious being that alone it was possible with the total availability of the Helder Cardoso (Vitlated), Manuel António (Manu 33) and António Domingues. Without wanting to force the advertising, I cannot leave to enhance the form as the Natural Aquario lead this projecto until the o end... Ful*****d rigorously in everything. 5 stars. Thanks Helder Friend, continues thus. and now, my REALidade


REALidade (Portuguese name = Reality)


Natural AquaGrande 120M 120x50x50 (cm)

Natural Aquamovel 120M 120x50x80 (cm)

Light :
2x Natural Aqua Sun 1 8k HQI 1x150W (Version with ADA LAmp 8000k included)
2x Natural Aqua Armstand 60P

Filtration System:
1xEheim Cl***ic 2215
1x Natural Aqua Inflow 13
1x Natural Aqua Outflow 13

Heat :
Termostacto Fluval Tronic 300

System Substracto:
4x ADA Aquasoil Malaya 9L
3x ADA Power Sand 2L
1x ADA Bacter 100
1x ADA Tormaline BC
1x ADA Clear Super
1x Plocher Penac

1x Sistema de Co2 Pressorizado 2kg DYT
1x Natural Aqua Safe Difuser 1

25kg Natural Hardscape Mini/Medio Iwagumi
7kg Natural Hardscape Wood Amazonia

1x ADA Bright k 250ml
1x ADA Green Bacter 50ml
1x ADA Green Bright STEP 1 250ml
1x ADA EAC 50ml

Flora da Tropica e Natural Aquario:

Planta Ludwigia Inc****ta var. Cuba
Planta Rotala rotundifolia
Planta Anubias Barteri var. nana "Pe***e"
Planta Anubias Barteri var. nana
Planta Microsorium pteropus
Planta Echinodorus barthii
Planta Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba
Planta Rotala Sp Green
Planta Anubias species
Planta Echinodorus tenellus
Planta Vesicularia sp mos
Planta Vallisneria Nana


50 Paracheirodon innesi
20 Caridina japonica
10 Otocinclus spp.
6 Crossocheilus siamensis

Foto 31/03/07


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ummmm.... wow that is nice.... (((drool)))

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Pro photogs call that "nuclear winter"...

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Ahhh, my life savings down the drain. Also waiting with anticipation. Great choice on the stand, looks incredible with it's surroundings.

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Hi José Luis, very impressive first post !!! Can't wait to see the tank with plants, the green will make a great contrast among the yellow decoration, I think it will be stunning. I like the table very much too.

Good Luck.

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Olá to All

Thanks for all the coments, are always important.

I use to advantage to leave plus one of the stages of the setup of the REALidade

Id liked to have more availability to intervine more in the forums but my occupations do not allow me, however go actualiz in the measure of possivel.

The Hardscape of the REALidade is then here.

1º ADA Power Sand

2º ADA Bacter 100
ADA Clear Super
ADA Tormaline BC
Pocher Penac

3º ADA Aquasoil Malaya
25kg Natural Hardscape Mini/Medio Iwagumi
7kg Natural Hardscape Wood Amazonia

bye bye

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Why so many votes when he hasn't even planted it yet? I prefer to see where it's going before judging. Anyway, looks like we're off to a real good start. The only thing I'd warn you about is making sure you have enough space for plants. Seems like your hardscaping is tight and close so, I'd be careful to not give plants areas too small to grow in.
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