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Reactor issues

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I have a 5lb tank running my 55g, I decided to run my 40g off of it as well. So I just built my second reactor via and have a ton of bubbles coming through my filter return. Apparently I found out I inserted the co2 line at the bottom vs the top, but I did the same on my other and it works great. Anyway I flipped it upside down and swapped the filter lines and still bubbles. Anyone have any ideas what I could have possibly done wrong during the build? Do people put media inside? scoop me in =)
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from what i have read, and from what Rex says on his build thread is that there is no media in the reactor. how long is your reactor? do you have a picture?
my reactor has bubbles coming out the return that float to the top. is that a bad thing?
Thats what I thought, why I didnt put media in mine. Mine is the standard 15 inches like in the build instructions. I know it is upside down in the pic, I reversed it to see if it would change anything. Might I add there are extra ball valves because I have another filter running that tank as well. Just not in the pic.
my reactor has bubbles coming out the return that float to the top. is that a bad thing?
Yes it is a bad thing.... Essentially every bubble is wasted co2. If it is one bubble every here and there it is probably not an issue because most of it is being absorbed.
I inject my CO2 via inline venturi before the reactor. Even if some of the tiniest bubbles make it out of the return, they move erratically downwards about one inch every 2 seconds through a 36" reactor. If you have high waterflow, injecting into the bottom of the reactor may not be a good idea, as the bubbles may not be able to rise against the water flow. There's kind of a balance that must be struck between losing some CO2, and not building a pocket of gas in the top of the reactor.
How do you have this routed? It looks like the CO2 goes straight in the top of the reactor. I have the intake on my reactor on the top, the gas on the side, and the out on the bottom. I don't have bubbles.
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