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Re-scaping an existing tank

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Hi all,

I hope this is the right place. I have to move my tank (60L) in about a months time, and want to rescape the tank considering it will already be drained. I want to change the substrate from an inert gravel to ADA amazonia owing to the fact i want to grow some more plants/get a carpet going.

Based on the information that i have read online, i know that amazonia produces alot of ammonia initially. I currently have a fully cycled eheim 2215 and a small filter inside the tank. I am planning on keeping my tank inhabitants (rcs and neon tetras) in a bucket/container until i get a 0 ammonia reading.

I was wondering if this would be the best approach and how long it will take for the tank to become safe for shrimp/fish using my cycled canister filter?

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Logic and experience says this is a good approach.. Good luck and post pictures, we love pictures
Not sure where you live, but the dollar per gallon sale is still running. I'd go pick up a 10 gallon (~35L) tank to house them temporarily, then keep the 10G as a quarantine tank ;)

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I live in Australia and unfortunatly tanks are significantly more than that 🙁, not that i have much room for another tank... i am hoping i wont have to keep them in a container for more than a week or two. I dont know how long the substrate will pump out ammonia for, at a level my filter can't handle at least?
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