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So I plan on doing my 30L cube in the new year, ideally I plan to do this in one day, I currently have it running with livestock which may be the problem...

I plan on emptying it fully & moving to having a sand bed with soil in the back, separated with hardscape.

I also have some finger root with Moss growing nicely on it, which I plan on reusing.

With the soil, ideally I’d prefer to use a different type of soil, I currently have Tropica soil which is fine but i don’t like the “pellet” look.

I will be using the same water with a water change on that day with new plants added the same day.


1: would it be possible for me to do the following;

- place all livestock into a bucket with existing water, heater & filter going in there

- empty out entire tank, clean rocks and wood

- Rescape with new soil & sand

- flood tank with existing water

- add livestock back

My concern is having to cycle the tank with the livestock in there. Any advice will be appreciated

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I think you'll be fine. As long as you don't touch your filter media, you shouldn't cycle at all.

I did exactly what you're talking about, except I did it with a 125G tank and it took me 9 days. I checked my water 2x daily for the first few days because I was paranoid, but I never got any ammonia.

For an emergency backup plan, just keep a full bottle of Prime on hand. Prime will bind up ammonia for 24 hours, so if you get an ammonia reading, do a 50% water change and dose the tank with prime. Check it at the same time the following day, and if you have ammonia, rinse and repeat.

With a cycled filter, any mini cycle should be over quickly, and can be handled with water changes and Prime.
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