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RCS Native to Hawaii

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Does anyone know if RCS is native to Hawaii? I have been talking to someone who has said he has seen shrimp like that in a little body of water on Oahu. If it is not, what could it be?
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it could be someone might have put them in there. With the warm temps that they have there I dont see why they couldnt live.
They are not native, they were introduced and have displaced much of the native hawaiian shrimp.
like yoink said, they are not native, but an invasive species. someone imported them years ago as feeders or some similar purpose and once loose they found Hawaii perfect like most other invasive species, no competition or real predators. they have been sold by the lfs here as feeders for decades, i have bought them since i was in elementary school. also, the ones in our streams are not RCS, but the wild form. the red and all other colors are illegal here.
Wow, thanks everyone. I did not expect this question to get answered so quick.
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