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Ok so I know they can go together this is me just confirming what I think I have done (forgive me) I brought some tiny RCS from my LFS as in sub 1cm size (possibly 5mm or below) Dripped them for 30-40 mins and put them in the tank (My PH is around 6.5 with CO2 on and KH is 4/5 but stable) Fine for a day or so saw them around then nothing. I have seen one but it looked more like a shed than anything but even so I should see more if they did. My worry is I put them in during pm, gave them 8-10 hours to settle down before Co2 came on at around 30ppm (according to drop checker) but It may of gotten knocked and been slightly over that, The otto's I added same time are fine still though. Tank is 1000ltrs so its not supprising some stuff goes missing in there. so ramblings asside do you think:

A. I accidentally gassed my shrimp

B: When I add more should I start with Co2 off for 24 hours and slowly build them up to 30ppm ?

C: I should run lower than 30ppm (just on the cusp of the drop checker turning blue > green)

any other advise will be great

(ammonia, nitrate and nitrite all 0, tank is planted with drift wood ADA ammazonia soil for plants)
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