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Rate this scape please

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Hello, I'm new to this form. This is my 4th revision of my 105 and this time i went all out with ADA substrate. I will be adding DHG this week or weekend (ordered 12 pots to make sure i have a nice starting point.) Tell we what you guys think as it is right now! Thank you!!

I can add more pictures if needed.
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It is too uniform for my liking.
If you like it, that's all that matters.
but i give it a 2
Looks like a very nice starting point.

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Kodi, first off I REALLY like the symmetry of the wood. Personally I'd ditch those stones as they don't flow with the substrate and the wood, but that's just me. But koiboi put it best:

koiboy said:
If you like it, that's all that matters.
Explain your aspirations for the scape and maybe we can give you more constructive feedback.
It all depends on what kind of look you're going for. It looks too symmetrical and artificially staged to me, specifically the rocks, but if that's how you like it then it's fine. It's not a look you see every day, so there's that. I can imagine it looking a lot better as the plants grow in/more get added.
If you like it, that's all that matters.
If that were true, he wouldn't be asking for opinions. We are all gods in our own minds.
I would definitely go for more natural look with big piece of wood with anubias all over it and rocks (probably less of them) that does not look so unnaturally laying in lines... You have so much space in your tank for something good and unique. I suggest you to google aquascaping ideas for your size tank and search this forum too and try to find great naturally looking tanks. It helped me a lot.
I love the dimensions of the tank though. Does it pleases you when your looking at it?
I like the branches but I'm not sure the stones are a good fit.

You could always try going dutch. In my opinion dutch aquascaping is very straightforward because of the specific guidelines. You get to try growing a bunch of different plants and only have to remove the ones that aren't doing well. Just a thought :)
If a natural look is what your going for then I don't think you've suceeded. If my granny's garden is the look you want then it's not bad. Like everyone else the stone placement just dosen't cut it for me.
3/10... You've got great driftwood, great plants, all great potential, but... It's too symmetrical and artificial.
The problem with the stones is that they are too far apart. This may be something you're aiming for:

The path is much narrower in the back.

And here's how it could look with substrate and wood:
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Imho it feels too forced and unnatural. If that is what you were going for, you achieved it. If not, explore some more hardscapes. Sometimes you get it on the first try, other times it takes a few more tries.
Thank you all for the opinions. This tank was originally scaped with idea of having plants on the sides and the middle filled with pool filter sand to separate the two "islands." Well i decided to not go with sand and instead all ada. I"m hoping the DHG once filled in, will hide the rocks a bit more and the ferns and anubias will mostly show instead.
The rocks look artificial and you need LOTS more plants added.
You need to create some depth. Bring the back up higher to allow more depth.
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