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Have 6 harlequin rasboras and 10 neon tetras in a heavily planted 40b. Only other inhabitants are two danios, 3 otos and few shrimp/snails.

The rasboras do not shoal and chase each other around. They also sometimes harass the neon tetras who now stay primarily in the front corner of the tank. Anything I can do to change this behavior?
I've got 8 rasboras and 1 gourami in a planted 15 gallon. The rasboras seem really happy, they are a bright red color and some of the fish I think are trying to breed. One will swim upside down under a leaf and flap it's fins real fast, I'm guessing that's breeding behavior. But mine rarely ever shoal. They do chase each other around though. Before I planted my tank I had some fake plans and decorations, really ugly but that's beside the point. They would all stick to a group in the corner and never come out. Once I planted it they come out and play around and have changed color to reddish and they're just much happier. So basically, it seems like everything is right, you have a lot of plants. My experience is that they like swords and crypts and things they can swim between and feel sheltered by. So if your tank is full of furcata for example, you may want to thin it out so they can swim between the plants

also you may want to consider adding a few more raspboras, 6 is the bare minimum so they might not feel too safe
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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