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Rare Plants in Canada - downoi, Monte Carlo, hydrocotyles, Anubias, and more!

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So I decided to upgrade my plant list in a new thread, this will be updated whenever possible with more plants, descriptions, and photos. I will also include a short description of the plants!

I usually have other plants I don't list for sale, so if you're looking for anything odd, feel free to pm with any questions!

I've also shipped a fair amount all across Canada, so shipping is definitely fine by me.

To the plants! All quantities are minimums, I always give lots more!


Micranthemum Umbrosum 'Monte Carlo' - 2"x2" for $10 - a very short carpet plant, similar to HC Cuba, but with larger round leaves. Grows in low-high lighting.
Bolbitis Cuspidata - small rhizome (~5-7 leaves) for $5 - low demanding, slow growing fern, very compact as leaves only grow around 1-2" tall. (Currently Unavailable)
Staurogynes repen - 5 stems for $5 - compact stems with vibrant green leaves, best in med-high lighting, just slower growing in low lights.
Ranunculus Inundatus - 3 nodes for $5 - compact and very unique looking, adds a unique shape to any aquascape. Good for both high and low light. (Currently Unavailable)
Alternanthera Reineckii "Mini" 4 stems for $5 - compact red and hardy. Very interesting foreground-midground plant, can be very in most tanks ranging from low-high tech. Grows fairly slow for a stem plant, but gets extremely boldly coloured and thick.


Rotala mini butterfly - 5+ stems for $5 - great mid-background plant, very dark reds with wavy leaves in high lighting, fast grower as well.
Rotala sp. Pearl 5 stems for $5 - very compact and unique looking stem plant, leaves grow 'bent' downwards. Grows green and red in high light.
Rotala sp. Bonsai 5 stems for $5 - compact and slow growing midground plant, very thick stems and thick leaves make this plant very sturdy and great for areas of high flow. Grows green, but turns yellow, orange, and red under medium-high lights. Does well in almost any tank whether low or high tech. (These plants can flower underwater and sprout baby plants - very interesting and I have never seen that happen with any other species. Each plant can sprouted hundreds of baby plants!)
Bacopa sp. japan - 5+ stems for $5 - fast growing green Midground, very attractive in groups and bushes out very well. Good in many lighting conditions.
Lindernia sp. India - 3 stems for $5 - slow growing Midground that has green leaves with purple highlights, best in med-high lighting.
Alternanthera Reineckii "Rosanervig" 3 stems for $5 - very colourful and hardy, the variegated leaves add some interesting colours and textures to any tank. Grows short, about ~4-5" tall, and is suitable for most tanks.
Blyxa Japonica 3 stems for $5 - grows quick and offers several different shades of colours from green, yellow, orange, and even red. Also occasionally has small white flowers.
Narrow Leaf Microsorum Pteropus (Java Fern) 4-5 leaved rhizome for $5 - Easy and hardy like the original Java Fern, just smaller and skinnier leaves, grows slowly and can handle almost any tank.
Trident Microsorum Pteropus (Java Fern) 3-4 leaved rhizome for $5 - Easy and hardy like the original, but the leaves are quite different, grow rate is still fairly slow, but extremely versatile and adaptable.


Tonina fluviatilis - 4 stems for $5 - light green, dense, and fast growing. Requires soft water with med/high lights for best results.
Rotala macranda - 5 stems for $5 - fast growing, large leafed stem plant, grows a bright fluorescent red in high lights, but grows in all lighting conditions.
Bacopa caroliniana - 5 stems for $5 - light green, compact plant, turns yellowish in higher lighting. Smells good as well when trimming.
Bolbitis heudelotii - 4-5 leaved rhizome for $5 - low demanding fern, great in tanks with high currents. (Currently Unavailable)
Sphaerocaryum Malaccense - 5 stems for $5 - very unique stem plant, looks like a cross between regular grass and bamboo. Moderate growth rate and good in many lighting conditions.
Ludwigia Sphaerocarpa - 1 stem for $8 - very interesting looking plant, great for foreground or midground, grows horizontally most of the time, but will start to grow vertically when it's settled. Grows in different colours depending on your dosing and lighting, can vary from green, yellow, orange, and red.
Eriocaulon Setaceum 2 stems for $5 - grows very fine leaves that resemble a feather duster, grows slowly for a stem plant. Very bright green that works great in a dutch setup, but adds great texture to any tank. Fairs best in soft water/substrate.
Syngonanthus Belem 3 stems for $5 - dense leaves and the ability to grow numerous shoots from the sides and base, very interesting looking when mature. Grows shorter than most stems and grows at a moderate pace. Fairs best in soft water/substrate.


Mini pellia - $8/golfball - very dense growing plant, it attaches very well and holds on well even when thick. Good in all lighting conditions and low demanding. Slower growing so it won't take over your tank. (Currently Unavailable)


Salvinia minima - dozen+ for $5 - great looking floater with short roots so less mess! Good in all conditions.
Red Root Floaters - 8 for $5 - nice compact floater with short red roots when acclimated.
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Updated list!
Great seller!
Thanks for the plants!

Will definitely buy from again!
I bought some plants about a month ago. Great seller. Nice size portions. Also included some free 'bonus' plants :D
Great seller!
Thanks for the plants!

Will definitely buy from again!
I bought some plants about a month ago. Great seller. Nice size portions. Also included some free 'bonus' plants :D
Thanks for the kind words :)
I hope the plants are doing well for both of you :D
Any fissidens? Especially the 'Japan' variety.
I only have some Fissidens Fontanus, haven't seen the Japan variety around here unfortunately.
I realize myself and this thread has been very inactive for the past while, as I wasn't getting notifications from the site for some reason :icon_frow and being away from the hobby for a little bit didn't help either.

For the people I haven't responded to, I apologize for the delay, without a notification I usually don't log on. If anyone is still looking for or likes an answer to any of the past unanswered PMs, please send me another one.

The list is old and needs to be redone, but I still have the majority with a few new species.

same stupid question.... do you have any Fissidens Fontanus?
how much is it to ship to Edmonton ?
Long time bump, changed the list a fair bit!
I literally signed up for the plantedtank just to see if you still had Red Root Floaters available!! I ordered some online from Calgary and they came rotten and melted ughhhh! I am located in Hamilton ontario! please let me know if there are some available.
Would you happen to have any Crinum Calimistratum or Cr. Natans??
Anubias petite? Buce? Really need few low tech, small leaf, dense plants.
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