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The condition to keep the plants:

- low light
- low CO2
- low fert

Note: if payment is not made within 24 hours from the time payment instructions was sent I will need to move down the list to the next welling and ready buyer (unless we have confirmed a later payment date). If you are paying after the 24 hours please confirm that I have the plants available before sending payment. If I don't have the plant available you will get a full refund if payment has been sent to my account in error.

[STRIKE]2pcs Anubias white - $80 each plant[/STRIKE] SOLD OUT

3pcs Bucephalandra "belindae" - $20 each plant

5pcs Bucephalandra "fake catherineae" - $20 each plant

[STRIKE]5pcs Bucephalandra lamandau "green" - $10 each plant
- All pending[/STRIKE] SOLD OUT

Shipping Priority is $8 for as many plants as you need.

Also check out my shrimp and moss ad for more goodies and combined shipping option (Jimko's Homegrown Shrimps for Sale in the SNS Invertsbrates section)
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