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Hello, quite awhile back I acquired some dwarf needle leaf Java fern from hanaquatics paying about 15 dollars for only a couple of leaves. After months and months of growing I have quite a bit to sell. Very nice Java fern that barely reaches 5 inches or so a blade. Grows the same as any other Java fern. This is NOT regular needle leaf Java fern. (Only have 2 portions left)

will do a handful for 15 dollars.

Also have a couple other things for sale too-

Blyxa japonica -7 dollars for a couple large clumps

Small form lobelia cardinalis- 5 dollars for 3 grown rooted plants not trimmings

Hydrocotyle verticillata- 5 dollars for a small clump, cool plant looks like Mini mushrooms (sold)

I also have a 3/4th sized bell style lily pipe that is in perfect condition for 15 dollars. An unused 3/4th eheim spray bar one of the newer models that comes with the eheim 2075 for 15 dollars.

For the plants a 10dollar minimum would be nice, will throw in some extras. Snail and algae free. Shipping will be two day priority mail

Feel free to request pictures if needed.
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