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Note: if payment is not made within 24 hours from the time payment instructions was sent I will need to move onto the next willing and ready buyer (unless we have confirmed a later payment date). If you are paying after the 24 hours please confirm that I have the plants available before sending payment. If I don't have the plant available you will get a full refund if payment has been sent to my account in error. Supply is limited and I won’t be bringing anymore plants for a while because of the move.

The recommended condition to keep these plants:

- low light
- low CO2
- low fert

Anubias white - $80 each plant (10 or more leaves)

[STRIKE]Anubias Stardust medium size leaf – $20 each plant (4 or more 3/4 inch size leaves)

Anubias Stardust large size leaf - $30 each plant (4 or more ~1 inch size leaves)


Bucephalandra "fake catherineae" - $20 each plant (leaves are less than an inch long and crinkly)

Recently Tied Fissiden sp.:

[FONT=&quot]Fissidens nobilis “thailand- $12 for a flat 2x2 in patch on SS mesh (thinner structure and has a red vein down the center)

Fissiden geppi – $12 for a flat 2x2 in patch on SS mesh (thicker structure) recently tied

nobilis on the left and geppi on the right

Shipping Priority is $8 for as many plants as you need, heat pack and insulation are an extra $3.

Also check out my shrimp and moss blow out sales ad for more goodies and combined shipping option.
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