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RAOK offering opened container of Bubble Counter Fluid and 4dkH Standard fluid. Both purchased from Green Leaf Aquariums.

* Bubble Counter fluid is I think a 2-ounce bottle; about 2/3 remaining. Shipping would be actual cost for a 3 ounce package, first class $1.71.

* 4dkH Standard fluid is a 250ml bottle, and it's probably 90% remaining. This would go in a flat rate padded envelope for $4.75

If you want to take both items; it's $4.75 combined at the flat rate padded envelope price.

Sorry - it's not letting me upload a picture (I'm out of space and can't delete any pictures from past sales threads, even when they've been long closed.. but these are the real items from a reputable vendor).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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