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Well tis the season of giving. I would like to reward those who have given in the past and spark more giving in the future.

Here is the deal - I will give my first sample pack of the season - shipped, on my dime to the person who can prove they had the most RAOK's this year here on this site. You must include the history of the threads in which you gave an RAOK posted here. Only this site counts.

Winner gets a sample of ALL of the following in my Dutch tank

Ammania bonsai – (true rotala indica)

Bacopa sp ‘Japan’

Eriocaulon australia red (blood vomit)

Eriocaulon Sulawesi

Hydrocotyle verticillata (true form)

Limnophila ‘Vietnam mini’

Limnophila aromatica ‘broad’

Limnophila repens ‘mini’

Lindernia rotundifolia ‘variegated’

Lindernia sp ‘India’

Ludwigia inclinata

Ludwigia senegalensis (guinea) [

Mini pellia

Rotala macrandra ‘narrow’

Rotala macrandra “mini butterfly”

Rotala macrandra japan (unknown)

Rotala macrandra ‘green’

Rotala mexicana ‘goias’

Rotala mexicana ‘green’

Rotala mini ‘type 2’

Rotala singapore

Rotala sp ‘araguaia’

Sphaerocaryum malaccense (aka Arthraxon Malaysia)

Staurogyne sp ‘porto velho’

Tonina fluviatilis (lotus)

Rotala Vietnam

Rotala gialai (H’ra)

Just want to say thanks and get some good karma flowin...
Happy Holidays.

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Eventually I'll run a package. Just hoping to spark some good sharing at this time... No cheating, these must be real RAOK's. If you have something you don't need - give it away (I have a whole tank of it :) ) This especially goes for those who are more fortunate to give something away (can even be non planted tank related). Just please be honest and actually have someone who gets your gift.

How about I run this reward until next week - say by next friday.

I WILL allow RAOK credit to be taken for all RAOK up until Friday of next week ( From Jan 1 2009 to december 18 2009 ). Get givin' folks.

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Great idea and great plants Skewlboy!
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