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RAOK from Walmart!!!

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So, being the pathological plantaholic that I have now become, I always walk past the tanks in walmart 'for no particular reason.'

Today I saw that they had "All Fish 50% off" which means plants too.

So....I got this mutant-huge Anubias for $1.98:

Here is a picture after I sectioned it off for my new Rockwall Grotto background.

Best deal ever?

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thats a pretty darn good deal. haha
6 plants for $1.98, now thats a deal. The Walmart over by me would have to offer it for $.49 for me to step foot in there. Nice buy though, I am jelous.
I don't think I have ever seen anubias for sale at Walmart personally, definately a score!
I heard Walmart is shutting down a significant number of its fish sections... Yours could be one of them. Probably unrelated but that could be why its so cheap.
The Wal-mart in my area are no longer going to carry fish....I think it sucks because I buy A lot of fish from them....But they were probably losing money since most of the fish they receive die anyway....
Walmarts here also are doing away with the fish sections. The nearest one to me has problems with teenagers pouring soap in the tanks and killing their fish. Rumors have been going around they are doing away with the fish tanks and only carrying supplies.
I don't think I've ever seen an actual aquatic plant at mine. Plants in the tanks yes, aquatic plants . . . no :icon_roll .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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