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--- ALL GONE ---

For those who've already sent payment, your item will ship out tomorrow (Wednesday)

I have 13 portions of Dwarf Water Lettuce to give out for free!

1 portion = 4" x 4"

Each portion will be put in a plastic bag, with a wet paper towel and a little cushion of air.

I will give out one portion per person. If you would like more than 1 portion, please PM me.

Shipping will be as follows:

For USPS Priority Mail: $5.50

For USPS First Class: $3.00
(The extra cost is to pay for the shipping box, since you can't use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes for First Class, <believe me, I tried!>)

Because this is a RAOK, there will be no guarantees, so please watch your weather. No ice packs available. Sorry.


When sending payment via Paypal, you can either:

A) Choose the "Personal" payment option and pay either of the amount listed above


B) If you choose the "Purchase" option, pay the amount listed above PLUS 8.4% (That's the fee Paypal Charges for transactions on Purchases) So, if you choose Priority Mail, the total is $5.97. If you choose First class, the total is $3.26.

Above all else, PM with your mailing address, especially those who chose the "Personal" Payment option.

I will ship out by Thursday (8/11) or earlier.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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