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This RAOK is for member who needs a CO2 pressurized system.
And thanks for the webmaster and moderators, who provide this platform(TPT) for our planted tank hobbyists.

RAOK item:
BOC brand single stage regulator, By Concoa.
Clippard MOUSE solenoid, manifold mount version, 0.67 watt, 24V DC.
Three outlets Clippard manifold, one permanent compression tube port, two spare 10-32 ports, screws sealed.
Swagelok M series stainless steel metering valve.
SMC one push connector, 1/4" OD union.

ADA style glass inline bubble counter.
Inline check valve, cross split rubber core.
CO2 diffuser, glass, flower shape.
Mineral oil for bubble counter refill, 35mil, 4-5 complete refill.
Blunt tip needle and syringe, bubble counter easy refill.
10 feet industrial grade polyurethane air hose, 1/4" OD
One extra needle valve, SMC AS1200, made in Japan.

The system and kit will be in one package.
USPS Medium flat rate priority, no shipping charge.

In order to keep this thread clean, please do not respond to this thread or post your comment except for the candidates who want this item, or your post will be deleted by forum moderator.
Discussion and comments, please click here

Here are the conditions for who is eligible to join the contest.
1. Supportive member(to become one, click here)
2. 50-500 post count
3. Respect the contest judge and her final decision, Sewingalot
She is on the neutral position to ensure this is a fair contest, I don't have the power to decide who gets this RAOK item.
4. Take best shots of your planted tank, topic can be scape, algae, design, fish, shrimp,.....
And post the picture/pictures on general discussion section, whoever generate the most interests is the winner, and sewingalot is the one to decide who gets the RAOK item.
5. Post a link of your contest thread here(the same day you start the new thread), and add one line to announce that you join.
EXAMPLE: " I, XXXXX, join the contest and I will respect moderator(sewingalot's final decision) and other candidates."

From Sewingalot:
It has come to our attention that contestants are giving away RAOKs to generate interest in their threads. To make it fair, we are asking that only one RAOK be offered by each contestant and that the winner of the RAOK be verified to have received the item(s) by 8/21 by means of delivery confirmation # sent to both Bettatail and myself. However, if another contestant is generating more interest on hers/his tank without offering a "RAOK/FT/FS" these comments/posts will be ignored in determining who gets the prize.
please follow this if your thread is going to be a RAOK, thanks.

Deadline to join the contest is 08/15, one more week to decide the final winner(end 08/22, winner's name will be announced).
To maximize your chance of winning, please join early and start your thread as soon as possible.

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Wow, This is a sweet set up and a great ROAK. Nice job setting this one up and involving the mods. I know the final decision will be the best because sewingalot is the judge/mod. She is the best we have here.

Again, Awesome idea... This is why I love you guys...
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