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Here's another RAOK as I clear out "stuff" from taking down my last planted tank.

I have left-over dry ferts that I got from Rex Grigg a few years ago. Yes, they're old.. and I have no idea if these things go "stale" or not. But they've always been sealed in the zip-loc style bags, closed in a container without direct light, etc. They're old, but someone can have them for the cost of shipping.

about 6 ounces dry KH2PO4
about 8 ounces dry KNO3
about 14 ounces dry K2SO4
about 6 ounces dry Plantex CSM+B

Shipping in continental US, and will ask for you to cover just the actual cost of shipping (is going to be about 3 pounds boxed).

Post below that you want this, and then send me a PM with your zip code so I can tell you the shipping cost and my PayPal address.
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