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Just pay 10$ shipping and its yours.
mailing USPS priority mail will ship on monday to first 4 pm's

I have about 20+ stems of blxya will divide them up

heres a list of random plants included

riccia and mini riccia
xmass moss
taiwan moss
mini duckweed
A couple stems of
E. tennellus narrow and mirco
1 stem of
Bacopa 'araguaia river'
Bacopa colorata
Bacopa monneria
Bacopa caroliniana Hygro sp.
verticillaris Hygro sp. 'bold'
Rotala wallichi
Hygro sp. 'ceylon
'Echinodorus vesuvius
Green hygro
Pogostemon stellatus
Water primrose
Ammania gracilis
Myrio matto

the list of 1 stems i have divided into random groups of four. so dont expect to get all of each stems =/
1 - 4 of 4 Posts