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up for RAOK is my 5.5G i just broke down. It is cleaned and sitting empty on my floor now - it used to house my CRS. the rims are slightly coming off so it's a good candidate for someone who wants to derim it. It held water for me the last 5 months perfectly fine..but as with any tank - always leak test.

to go with it is a tom's mini filter with spray bar, and a small piece of driftwood i had in it also. i don't have much plants to give away at the moment after i broke down my 20L.

i only have 2 conditions:
1) local pick up
2) 1 good deed. not to just to get a RAOK (let's face it, this doesn't all cost that much...), but because you get what i'm trying to do here. i've seen too many people 'act' kind or nice to either have a good reputation, or appeal as a sensible, and a logical person. sometimes, being 'nice' isn't sensible nor logical. there have been some extremely nice people on this forum who have helped me, 2 of whom are mordalphus and honda237 - so this simple, small RAOK is a shout out to them. :D

if you get what i'm saying, msg me. i'm at zip 11362

my desktop is out of service at the moment, and it's a pain to upload on my netbook so i'll upload photos later, or email them to you.

first person to come to my house gets it! no holding.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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